Jeremy Corbyn 007

People’s views about Jeremy Corbyn’s alleged spying activities appear to depend on their own political sympathies. Those on the left, maintain it’s all a load of nonsense, whipped up by the right wing media; and want to kill the debate. Those on the right, say there must be some truth in it somewhere; and want to keep the story alive.

In reality, it’s highly unlikely that, as an obscure, left wing MP, which is what he was at the time, Corbyn would have had access to any significant secrets that he could trade. So the likelihood of him being of any material use to the communist Eastern block countries, at that time, is minuscule.

The problem with Corbyn is that, like so many ideologically driven people, he’s naive. His past associations with this Czechoslovakian spy, with Hezbollah, with the IRA, all point to this. He maintains that he’s always worked for peace and I’m sure he believes that. And in reality, he’s probably never done any harm to the peace process; although it’s unlikely he’s ever made any significant contribution either. He’s just gone off on a limb, on his own, doing what he wants to do, with little or no regard for official government policy. And it’s probably this rebel image, combined with his polite soft manner that has endeared him to so many people, since his election as leader of the Labour Party.

The real question we all need to be asking is not whether Jeremy Corbyn is a spy but, “would he be a good prime minister? And to answer that question, I believe we must revisit the issue of his naivety.

If we think about Labour’s current spending plans, they’re aspirations that he simply wouldn’t be able to deliver. After taking office, he’d either realise that was the case and, as a result, disappoint his followers or he’d try to deliver them and wreck the economy in the process, thereby increasing hardship and poverty for the many but not the few. The socialist utopia he promotes is an impossible undeliverable dream. There is not a single example, anywhere in the world, where it has ever succeeded.

On the single biggest issue of our time, namely Brexit, Corbyn doesn’t appear to have a strategy, other than to oppose whatever the Government says or does. When he does comment on Brexit he seems to think that the EU would be very nice and co-operative with him, whereas they’re not with Theresa May. Again, it’s delusional. Labour’s shadow Brexit secretary, Keir Starmer is a highly intelligent and very astute man, who must be tearing his hair out, having to cope with the vagaries and indecision coming from Corbyn.

Jeremy Corbyn is simply not up to the job of Prime Minister. He’s not intelligent enough, he’s not decisive enough, he’s far too naive and he’s a puppet, whose strings are being pulled by Jon Lansman and Momentum. But he’s not a spy.



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