650 MPs Suffer Mental Paralysis

Parliament has completely lost the plot. Most of our 650 MPs are intelligent people. Some of them are highly intelligent; and yet all of them, almost without exception, have become infected with some form of mental paralysis.

We live in a democracy; arguably the oldest democracy since the time of ancient Greece. Our parliament is regarded as the mother of all parliaments. That parliament voted overwhelmingly to give the electorate a referendum on the question of our membership of the EU. We gave parliament our answer and they again voted overwhelmingly to invoke article 50, which gave notice that we would leave the EU on March 29th of this year. So far so good. But, since then the behaviour of our parliament has been bizarre. It’s as if our 650 MPs have been infected with some sort of extra terrestrial mind bending virus. It’s like something out of a science fiction film.

Some MPs are intent on leaving on WTO terms. Some are intent on leaving on various forms of half way deals. Some are intent on not leaving at all. Some are intent on having another referendum because they didn’t like the result of the first one. And some are intent on forcing a general election. All of them, whatever position they take, are utterly convinced that they are right, that their view is the only possible way forward and that any other option would lead to disaster. There is no compromise, no questioning of their own individual positions and collectively they are failing the people of this country.

The truth is that almost any of the options being put forward could be made to work. The scenarios and forecasts of doom and gloom are all fundamentally flawed because they take no account of the ingenuity, creativity and flexibility of the people of this country. Whatever route we go down, we’ll make it work.

The route that will lead to disaster is the total gridlock that this mental paralysis of our 650 MPs has created. It is time for them to break out of the bubble that has encapsulated them, swallow their pride, compromise and then lead us out of the mess that all 650 have created.



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